What to read if you need a bit of peace today

Happy Christmas everyone! We hope you’re having a good one, but at some point the traditional festive fatigue is bound to set in. When that happens, the best thing to do is find a quiet corner and curl up with your iPhone or iPad.

We’ve been posting a fair few festive articles recently, many of which suggest ways technology can improve the holidays, or the best apps to help you pass the time. In case you’ve missed any of our recent output, here’s a recap of everything relevant to Christmas Day cheer.

Christmas apps

First of all, make sure you’ve read our recommendations of the best apps for Christmas Day. It might be too late to fix a burnt turkey, but there are plenty more great apps in the roundup to keep things running as smoothly as possible through the evening and beyond.

We also posted a list of the best apps for Christmas planning, many of which are still relevant today – especially if you still have travel or cooking to do.

Things to do

Dinner is finished, the planned festivities are coming to an end, and people are starting to go home. What do you do next to keep yourself entertained while you’re off work?

If you’ve got any energy left, try out Apple Music Sing – a free karaoke upgrade for Apple Music subscribers – to belt out a few classics. Or if you’ve worked through every good movie you can find, try these lesser-known streaming apps for some fresh TV choices.

Like a good puzzle at Christmas? Check out our guide to the best apps for crossword puzzles of all types. Finally, if you’d rather have some alone time with a good videogame, Vampire Survivors – one of the hottest releases of the year – is now available for iPhone and iPad, completely free.

Beyond that, you could check out Apple’s winners of this year’s App Store Awards for more recommendations. And next week we’ll be revealing our own Tapsmart App Award winners!