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This year’s Apple: Kuo’s product predictions for 2019

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A look into the future…

You may be familiar with the name Ming-Chi Kuo by now. He’s the best-known Apple analyst with the most consistent track record for predictions, thanks in part to his many supply chain connections. And he’s just laid out his forecast for the whole of 2019.

In a wide-ranging investor note, Kuo takes a swing at every single product category, predicting new iPhones in September (duh) as well as updated iPads, iPods, MacBooks, and even a new Mac Pro. Let’s dive into the specifics.


Kuo believes that this year will be relatively quiet on the iPhone front, with another three models matching the same size and design that we saw with 2018’s XR, XS, and XS Max. They’ll all stick with the Lightning connector, despite a few rumors that Apple would foist USB-C onto the iPhone. The most notable upgrades will include the triple-camera setup for AR we discussed previously, bilateral charging for wirelessly transmitting power to another device, and a new frosted glass casing.


Not much to report here, but the few things Kuo does expect would be very welcome. First, he believes the iPad mini will make a comeback with a vastly updated processor – something we were already expecting. Secondly, he suggests Apple will revamp its budget 9.7-inch iPad with a slightly larger 10.2-inch display that implies a full-screen design with Face ID and no Home button. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro will only see minor processor updates this year.


This is where things get interesting. Apple allegedly has big plans for its computers this year. That includes a brand new 16-inch (or possibly 16.5-inch) MacBook Pro to replace the current 15-inch model, aimed at the creative professional crowd. It’s also planning a long-anticipated update to the Mac Pro range, a modular super-powered and super-priced desktop computer with easy to upgrade components. To match that powerhouse will be a massive 31.6-inch display that can support up to 6k resolution – higher even than the top-end 5k iMac Pro. Wow.

And the rest…

Elsewhere, we’re likely to see a quiet year for the Apple Watch, with no major changes due in 2019. Apple will instead focus on rolling out ECG support to more countries, and may release a super swanky ceramic casing for the S4.

More excitingly, Kuo backs up the various reports we’ve heard about Apple finally releasing its AirPower wireless charger alongside AirPods 2. Both are expected in the first half of the year.

Finally, something we didn’t expect at all – a new iPod is on the horizon. Kuo doesn’t give any details beyond an updated processor, but it has been several years since the iPod touch was updated so we could be in for a big step up.