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Best cases for the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

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iPhones aren’t cheap. And humans can be pretty clumsy. So it’s perfectly rational to want to protect your device with a case. But with so many on the market, how are you supposed to know which ones are worth plumping for? In truth, there are many good options available depending on your exact priorities – but for every decent case there are half a dozen useless ones. That’s where we come in – we’ve picked three of our favorites for your consideration.

Whether you’re looking for the best protection, longer battery life or just a good all-rounder that won’t break the bank, these are all solid choices. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered!

Note: all prices are accurate at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change – so make sure to double check before buying!

Best on a budget

Silk Snap Shell Case (£8.99)

Going cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you miss out on quality: this option looks good and offers reasonable protection without breaking the bank. It’s a slimline, understated design that does a good job of keeping your iPhone looking like an iPhone, and it comes complete with screen protector too. It won’t withstand impact as well as our next choice, but if you want to avoid scratches and the odd fumble, look no further.

Note: at the time of publishing, the iPhone 7 version hasn’t been released in the UK, but you can pre-order from Amazon and it will be delivered soon.

£8.99 • Buy for iPhone 7

£8.99 • Buy for iPhone 7 Plus

Best for durability

MKEKE Shockproof Rugged Case (£12.99/£12.44)

If it’s protection you’re after, this is a fantastic choice. This case offers great drop protection without adding too much bulk to your device. Its grippy rubber finish should prevent the iPhone from slipping from your grip, while a slight bezel on the front prevents screen scratches when placed face down. The dual layered case combined with the included screen protector should absorb all but the biggest of shocks. If you’re likely to drop your iPhone, wrap it in one of these!

£12.99 • Buy for iPhone 7

£12.44 • Buy for iPhone 7 Plus

Best for extra battery life

Apple Smart Battery Case (£91.50)

Apple’s official battery case got a bit of stick when first released for the protrusion on its back, but in reality the case isn’t too bulky and fits nicely in the hand. If you watch a lot of videos or play a lot of games, the iPhone can quickly run out of juice – but this case with in-built extra battery more or less doubles the length of time you can use your device before needing to plug it in. No other reputable case maker has come out with a battery case for iPhone 7 yet, and even when they do, third-party solutions will struggle to integrate the extra battery into iOS as well as Apple has managed here. The “smart” aspect of the case means it keeps track of the extra power automatically, making efficient usage of it and always showing your extra battery in the status bar. It’s not cheap, but it is a quality option for heavy users.

Note: there is no smart battery case for the larger iPhone 7 Plus, as that device already ships with a bigger battery than the iPhone 7.

£91.50 • Buy for iPhone 7 (white)