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Best cases for the iPhone X

iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever produced, and its striking glass-heavy design means it’s not just the display you need to worry about breaking but the back too. Though Apple say this is the most durable glass its ever used, it’s still glass – and glass shatters. Therefore a protective case is a smart move if you want to avoid the pretty hefty repair fees that come with Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone.

But there are hundreds of cases on the market, and they’re not all created equal. Some cases are much better than others, and there are a lot of duds out there worth avoiding. Also, there are considerations specific to iPhone X to keep in mind – any case that adds a ‘lip’ to the bottom edge will make the new home gestures a pain to use, while anything too bulky can inhibit the performance of wireless charging.

So, to make things easier we’ve scoured the web to find three of the best iPhone X cases for your consideration. No matter your priorities, we’ve got you covered with these picks!

Note: all prices are accurate at the time of publishing, but may be subject to change – so make sure to double check before buying!

Best on a budget

Anker Karapax Touch ($9/£7)

This is a great no-frills case that doesn’t compromise on quality. Though it’s a little basic, Anker has made a decent all-rounder with a minimal design and a broad appeal. It’s flexible shell design makes it easy to ‘pop’ on and off your iPhone, and it doesn’t add much bulk or weight. A raised edge will protect the display if you place your iPhone face down – although that’s true of every case we recommend here.

Going cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you miss out on quality: this option looks good and offers reasonable protection for a very reasonable price. It’s minimal, translucent design does a good job of keeping your iPhone looking like an iPhone. If you’re worried about scratching the display, pair it with a matching screen protector for all-over protection without breaking the bank.

[US] Karapax Touch – $7

[UK] Karapax Touch – £7

Best wallet case

Twelve South Journal (£60)

This is the best option if you want a tasteful case that doubles as a wallet. Though it’s the priciest of our picks, it has slots for three cards, a little pocket for coins, and a quality leather finish. Plus it can function as a stand if you want to prop your iPhone up to watch videos. It will make your iPhone feel a little thicker, naturally, but for those who like the screen-covering “folio” design, this is a great choice.

Apple itself makes a leather folio case for iPhone X, and as you’d expect it’s a decent product. However, not only is it even more expensive than our pick, it holds fewer cards and – to our mind – doesn’t look quite as slick as Twelve South’s journal-inspired design. We particularly like the Journal’s classy ‘cognac’ finish, but it’s also available in black for a more minimal look.

[US] Journal Folio – $70

[UK] Journal Folio – £60

Best for protection

Speck Presidio Grip ($26/£14)

If you’re in the unfortunate habit of dropping your iPhone every time you take it out of your pocket, do yourself a favor and invest in a tough case. This is our favorite hard shell case, offering decent drop protection thanks to a material chosen specifically for its shock-absorbing qualities and ability to disperse impacts.

The ridged design is intended to provide a much better grip than the iPhone X’s somewhat slippery curved metal edges, which should make it less likely you’ll drop it in the first place. On top of that it’s a relatively minimal, slimline case that’s surprisingly light for the protection it offers. The price isn’t bad either!

[US] Presidio Grip – $27

[UK] Presidio Grip – £18