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Best In-Ear, non-wireless headphones for your iPhone

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The iPhone is an incredible device for audio – from listening to podcasts, to both consuming and making music. But despite its range of great apps for these purposes, the output sounds only as good as what you’re using to play it through. Headphones are big business, and getting the right set can depend on a number of parameters. Over-ear, bluetooth, price-points. It all matters.

We’ll be taking a very focused look at just one subset of headphone in this roundup – we’ll be showing you the very best in in-ear, non-wireless headphone technology, looking at the best set at various price-points to help you make a decision based on your budget.Remember, these will all work with the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, provided you haven’t lost the included Lightning adapter yet! And they’ll plug directly into older iPhones. Let’s get started!

Best on a budget

Brainwavz Delta IEM Earphones with Remote & Mic – £16.99

A great set of headphones that produces clear highs, and a well-formed, deep bass. They’re a great all-rounder no matter what music you listen to and the fit is good too – three differently sized silicone tips come with the headphones. There are also a whole bunch of headphones out there with a remote and mic to allow you to make calls and pause audio. Again, the Brainwavz Delta provides a great functional approach, including three-buttons so you can skip tracks.


£16.99 • Buy now

Best mid-range earphones

Sennheiser Momentum In Ear – £64.95


Super-comfortable, beautifully-designed and crystal-clear sound. These earphones encapsulate everything you need for a decent set of mid-range earbuds. It also comes with a three-button remote to take calls, and control your audio on the iPhone. The sound is well balanced, but drives a smoother bass sound that your budget models, while the high and mid-edges are more well-rounded. Overall, it feels like the sound in these mid-range headphones just has that little bit more room to breathe.

£64.95 • Buy now

Best high-end earphones

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen – BeoPlay H3 – £109


Premium brand Bang & Olufsen will be a familiar name to many, so it’s not surprising that they produce one of the most impressive sets of in-ear headphones in the high-end range. Not only do they look super classy thanks to an understated but highly functional machined aluminum design, they’re also incredibly light at just 12.8g. They also come with a three-button remote and mic control, while the casing also contains 23 drill-holes that tune the enclosure to produce a suitably open sound.

£179.99 • Buy now