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Mujjo Leather Wallet Case – premium minimalism for your iPhone

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The latest iPhones are upon us, and if you’re lucky enough to have snagged one you’re going to want to protect the investment with a case. But choosing one amongst the hundreds of options to be found online can be a real minefield.

That’s why we’re putting one of the most popular iPhone cases around to the test.

Premium case manufacturer Mujjo wasted no time updating its range to fit the new iPhone 13 handsets. They sent us one of their trademark leather wallet cases to check out, and we’re happy to report that it doesn’t disappoint. That said, this type of case isn’t for everyone, so keep reading for our verdict.

The good

First of all, these cases scream quality. They come in a limited range of muted but tasteful colors – we like Monaco Blue – and are made of a high-quality leather that feels great in the hand. Not too slippy, not too sticky, easy to clean, and it will age gracefully over time. You can tell this apart from your standard dime-a-dozen case a mile off. The interior’s even lined with Japanese microfibre. Very posh.

The case itself fits snugly and securely onto the latest iPhone, with cut-outs for the mute switch, lightning port, and speaker grill. Meanwhile the power and volume buttons are built into the leather as little bumps, which makes the buttons feel really nice and responsive – and they can still easily be found by touch if your phone’s in your pocket or bag.

There’s a raised bezel at the front to protect your display when face-down on a table, but you may still wish to invest in a screen protector. Similarly, the rear camera system is protected from scratches by a raised lip. This is particularly handy for the iPhone 13 Pro, which has frankly massive protruding lenses.

Despite all that, the case feel relatively slim and there’s room for a single credit card in a neatly stitched diagonal card pocket on the rear. Room for more would be nice, but this is a minimal case after all so any storage is a bonus. If the wallet aspect isn’t for you, Mujjo sell plain cases without the card pocket too.

Overall, it’s a beauty and one of the nicest iPhone cases we’ve tested.

The bad

All that premium quality comes at a price: these cases aren’t cheap. But although they sit toward the expensive end of the case spectrum, they still cost less than Apple’s first-party cases, and so if you’re used to buying from the Apple Store it’s definitely worth taking a look at these instead.

Beyond that, it all comes down to taste. We’re not convinced it’s worth adding a card pocket to carry a single card – especially when the Wallet app in iOS 15 can handle all your bank cards and more. Not to mention that the extra thickness plays havoc with some MagSafe accessories. Leather won’t be everyone’s material of choice, while some people are after more vibrant colors than just black/tan/blue.

But each to their own, and it’s hard to deny the case looks and feels great. If premium-grade minimalism is the vibe you’re after, you can’t go wrong.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Mujjo is based in the Netherlands and so delivery times and prices may not be ideal depending on where you live. They do ship worldwide, but your mileage will vary.

This case – and similar alternatives – are available from If you’re still rocking an older iPhone, check out the discounted stock in Mujjo’s outlet store instead.