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Tips & Tricks – update now to our new-look app

We just launched our biggest ever update to the Tips & Tricks app, with an all-new look for a much-improved reading experience.

We’ve updated the app’s framework and crushed a bunch of bugs behind the scenes so everything runs smoother than ever. That includes improvements to Search, a better organized Tips library, and more control over notifications. We’ve also added the ability to preview Premium articles for free, and there’s a new cost-saving annual payment for subscribers.

Keep reading for more detail on all those changes.

How to update

If you have Automatic Downloads enabled in Settings, you may be reading this from the new version of Tips & Tricks already.

If not, head to the App Store and tap your Apple ID icon in the top right to view your Account settings. Here you can scroll down to see all available app updates – simply hit the Update button next to our app (or Update All) to download the free update.

A new look

Tips & Tricks has been around for a decade now, and though that experience is what makes us such a dependable font of Apple knowledge, our app was starting to show its age. So this latest update gives the app a bold new look inspired by Apple’s own design guidelines, underpinned by a complete rework of the code behind the scenes.

The result is that Tips & Tricks should both look and work better than ever.

You’ll find the tabs below slightly rejigged, too. Today is a chronological news feed, updated daily with news, tutorials, and app reviews. All Tips houses our complete compendium of over 200 tips and tricks, split into 20 chapters. You can read this section in order like a book, or flick to the chapter you’re interested in.

Premium contains exclusive bonus reads for subscribers, Search is the best way to find individual tips, and Settings allows you to customize notification preferences and much more.

Ready for iOS 14

Our newly-designed app isn’t just a pretty face – it also lays the groundwork for a big content update when iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are released. We’re gearing up to refresh all our tips (and add a bunch of new ones) as soon as Apple’s new software becomes publicly available later this year.

When the time comes, just hit Content Update in the Settings tab of this app to load the new tips.

Meanwhile, the old versions of the app are not optimized for iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, so make sure you update our app ASAP to avoid running into problems in the future.

Consistent naming

A year or two back we had to rename the iPad version of our app TapSmart for iPad after a discussion with the App Store review team. There was also a bug that showed the app under our internal codenames eReader or iPhoneTipsFull for some users.

We’re pleased to say both issues have been resolved and we’re back to good old Tips and Tricks across the board.

No more bugs

A few pesky bugs crept into the previous version of the app – apologies if you were affected by any performance, display, or content issues.

The good news is that the new app framework fixes every issue we were aware of and better optimizes the app for all devices, so you should find it runs much smoother now.

However, if you encounter any problems with the latest update, please email us with details. We can’t respond to every message but your feedback can be really helpful in getting things fixed. (Remember that for other device or software issues not related to Tips & Tricks, Apple Support is your best option.)

Tips Premium

We’ve had a great response to our optional Tips Premium subscription since it launched in 2018, and the latest update makes some improvements in that area too. Our pricing is now a flat $5/£5 per month, and we’ve introduced a new yearly subscription that works out around 42% cheaper than paying monthly.

A Premium subscription will remove all ads and grant access to exclusive bonus content including special guides, features, app roundups, and more. You can now preview these articles even if you’re not a subscriber – try it now from the Premium tab of the app.

Membership is a great way to support us if you like what we do, but rest assured the core functions of the app are accessible to everyone. And if you ever paid for one of the ‘Pro’ versions of Tips & Tricks, you will get an ad-free experience forever regardless of whether you subscribe to our Premium membership.

Thank you

Finally: thank you for downloading our app, and thank you for reading this far through an update log! We really appreciate every reader and hope you’ve found our tips and tricks helpful in getting the most from your device.

If you want to support us further, please consider leaving us a review in the App Store. It really helps!