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Contributions FAQ

Hello! Tom Rolfe here, Editor of TapSmart, Tips & Tricks, & Swipe.

We get a lot of media enquiries these days, but we’re a very small team and can’t always reply to everything personally. Sorry! Please carefully read this FAQ and only get in touch if you think you’re a good fit for our publications. If it’s a good match, I’ll be happy to chat. Thanks!

What are we looking for?

If you’ve made an app or game for iOS, we’d love to hear about it. App reviews and roundups are our bread and butter. Send a promo code and a media pack over and we’ll consider it for review or inclusion in our fortnightly apps roundup.

We review hardware from time to time, too: gadgets, accessories, and services that could be useful to iPhone and iPad users. Review units are gladly accepted, though freebies won’t affect the honesty of our coverage.

Finally, if you’ve published a study or infographic relevant to mobile or the broader tech landscape, we may be interested in writing something about it. Example: health apps study from Uswitch.

Paid content opportunities

We sometimes post affiliate links for products we trust. If you run an affiliate scheme for a product or service relevant to iPhone and iPad users, let’s talk. Example: learn a new skill with MasterClass.

Aside from that, we’re not actively looking for guest posts or contributions. However, we do have room for one or two sponsored posts a month and there’s also a monthly ad spot available in our email newsletter.

Please be transparent with the details of any sponsored post proposals. How is your product or service relevant to our audience, what are you hoping to gain, and what’s in it for us?

Finally: we don’t promote gambling, crypto, diet pills, etc etc. We are iPhone and iPad experts and wish to stay within our niche.

About our publications

We’re a small company based in the UK that writes about all things Apple, iPhone, and iPad. A majority of our content is shared across our website TapSmart, our four Tips & Tricks apps, and our digital magazine Swipe.

Combined, our apps have over 10 million downloads since we started in 2010. These days we have around 150k monthly users clocking up around 400k monthly sessions. Around 65% of our users reside in the US; 25% in the UK; and 10% worldwide.

Our monthly newsletter has around 8,000 subscribers – mostly Tips mega-fans who really trust us – with an average open rate of 45%. We have one ad spot in each email, often used to promote our affiliate partners.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch something to me, you can contact me directly at Thanks for reading!