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Latest issue of Swipe: 6 Great Animation Apps

We’ve just released a new issue of our sister app, Swipe for iPhone!

Swipe 3.0 is here! After 8 years and 200+ issues, we’ve redesigned the app from the ground up for a better reading experience. That includes a modern overhaul of the user interface, with an all-new News feed to ensure you won’t miss out on breaking stories between our fortnightly issues. We’ve added annual subscriptions (16% cheaper than monthly) and made our entire back catalog accessible in PDF format. Plus a whole load of boring technical updates behind the scenes so the app runs smoother than ever. We hope you like it!


Welcome, readers, to a new issue of Swipe – and an all-new way to read it!

As mentioned above, we’ve been working hard to bring you this new and improved Swipe app. When we first launched the mag, Apple’s Newsstand was still a thing. Remember that? Our old app was designed for a completely different era of iOS, while the new one fits in with Apple’s modern design guidelines. We’re much better optimized for the current generation of devices, and we’re future-proofed against upcoming versions of iOS.

But rest assured our content remains the same as ever. We’ve got the same team of experts writing the same range of articles. Only now, you don’t have to wait two weeks between issues to read breaking news stories – those will be published as soon as they’re written, straight to our News feed. And you get more customizable notifications in case you want to be alerted about those breaking stories as they drop. And you get full access to our entire history via direct download in the Swipe Archives.

I hope you’re as excited as me about this new era of Swipe Magazine. If you like what we do, leaving an App Store review is one of the best things you can do to support us. If you have any questions about the update, check out our new Swipe FAQs page.

Anyway, what’s in this latest issue? Well, our main Reviews roundup looks at the best animation apps for iPhone and iPad. Don’t go thinking you have to be an artistic whiz to try these out, though – there are plenty of chances for amateur experimentation, plus easy ways to get started filming stop-motion animations. We’ve also got full reviews of a bunch of other apps, all somehow related to photography or image effects.

Our two Features dive into some of the most interesting announcements from Apple in recent months: its continued effort to protect our ears with hearing health features, and how loosening the lid on Apple Watch faces could completely change how we interact with the wearable. We’ve also got the latest Apple stories in News and a further examination of upcoming iOS 14 tricks in How-To. Enjoy!

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