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Latest issue of Swipe: Apple Announces Four New Services

Hello, readers! We’ve just released a new issue of our sister app, Swipe – the iPhone Magazine!

Since last time, Apple has unveiled no less than four new services at a special event in Cupertino. We heard about Apple’s original TV shows from Hollywood’s finest, a new all-you-can-read magazine subscription, a premium games service, and even an Apple-branded credit card.

There was a lot to absorb, and you may have read about some of it already – but if you need filling in we’ve got all the juicy details over in the News section.

We also noticed some core principles underlining each of Apple recent announcements, and so our Feature this week takes a dive under the surface of its current and future services to see what makes them all so uniquely Apple.

When you’re done with all that news, head over to the Reviews section where we’re getting a bit silly with our favorite face-tracking camera filters. It’s easy to forget how amazing the tech behind those weird 3D selfie effects is, and so we’ve dug out some of the App Store’s finest examples.

We also have a diverse selection of full reviews for you, including a way to listen to long-form journalism, a slick replacement for the Contacts app, a cryptic mystery game for two players, and a colorful word puzzler.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Swipe without a varied array of handy tutorials in the How-To section.

Download the Swipe app today and start a 7-day trial or purchase a single issue for only $1.99/£1.99!

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