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Latest issue of Swipe: Apple on Privacy

We’ve just released a new issue of our sister app, Swipe – the iPhone Magazine!

We’ve got a nicely packed issue for you this time, kicking off in News with information on both iOS 13 and iOS 14 and ending in How-To with some great advice for finding a deal on refurbished iPhones and iPads.

In between, we’re looking at Apple’s recent and future obsession with privacy. Increasingly, protecting your data is a big differentiator for Apple as compared to many of its unashamedly data-sucking rivals. But its slew of software changes to keep you safe are a double-edged sword, potentially making iOS safer but less convenient. We discuss that trade-off in detail in the Features section.

Our secondary feature this issue taps into the upcoming Wind Down feature Apple developed to improve your sleep patterns, and how it compares to existing solutions that rely perhaps too heavily on sleep tracking and data analysis. This is another topic that’s perhaps not as cut-and-dry as you might think.

Finally, any creative readers out there who wish they could make their own games will be pleased to see our main Reviews roundup this issue, which covers the very best games that let you design your own levels.

All that and more within this issue, so dive on in and I hope you enjoy it!

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