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Latest issue of Swipe: the complete guide to iMessage apps

We’ve just released a new issue of Swipe – the iPhone Magazine!

Welcome to another issue of Swipe! Now, it may seem like the idea of virtual reality has been on the cusp of transforming our leisure activities for decades now, but we really believe that, as with many recent tech revolutions, the smartphone could well be the key towards mass adoption. The market for high-end VR headsets is only just getting started with the likes of Oculus Ri , but another area of the market which focuses on your iPhone as the key driver to VR is producing headsets for less than a round of drinks. So, to introduce a wider audience to a fledgling market we’ve produced a Virtual Reality 101 article to help you get started – where you can get these headsets, what apps are already out there and waiting on Apple’s App Store, and where we’re heading in the future. Exciting times!

Elsewhere we’ve got some great how-tos which focus on a couple of new features in iOS 10 which are only available to a subset of users – the new Portrait Mode and the parked car finding feature, and show you how any iPhone user can achieve them. We’ve also got a roundup of great apps for creating fun animation, all the latest Apple news (including a report on the just revealed MacBook Pros) and some great apps and games reviews. Enjoy!

Inside this issue…

– A beginner’s guide to the potentially intimidating world of virtual reality

– We round up all of the best apps for creating animations on iPhone

– Reviews of mysterious puzzler Rusty Lake: Roots and the Lemmings-like Sticklings

– We also review the super-useful Timeglass and the new A.I. features in Duolingo

– Catch up on all the latest Apple and iPhone news, including the Macbook Pro launch

– How to emulate Apple’s Portrait mode feature without an iPhone 7 Plus

– Using your iPhone to remember where you parked your car

Download the Swipe app today and start a 7-day trial or purchase a single issue for only $1.99/£1.49!

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