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Latest issue of Swipe: custom Christmas cards

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We’ve just released a new issue of Swipe – the iPhone Magazine!

You may have noticed from our cover this issue that we’re already feeling festive. We may have started a little early, and you’ve got our end of year best of articles and other seasonal material to look forward to, but we wanted to give everyone time to really take advantage of our main feature. We’re going to show you how to design and print your own seasons greetings: for free. There’s actually a number of services out there that will give you an allowance for free prints every month, and you only have to pay for postage. There’s also a ton of apps that let individuals of any artistic ability create great art. If you follow our directions, you will be able to send out personalized greetings within days.

Elsewhere, we step back from the festivities to provide a great roundup on voice recording apps – you’ll be surprised how much they can do. Finally, our how-tos this issue show you how to fake a kind of Dark Mode on iOS, and also how to do a full back up of your device – because iCloud doesn’t copy everything. Enjoy!

Inside this issue…

– Design awesome greetings cards on your iPhone…

– …and print them from the comfort of your own home!

– Reviews of tough, addictive platformers Mikey Jumps and RunGunJumpGun

– We also review photography apps Filmborn and Google PhotoScan

– Catch up on all the latest Apple and iPhone news

– Fully backup your device to iTunes, including the stuff iCloud backups miss!

– How to enable an unofficial “dark mode” for iOS

Download the Swipe app today and start a 7-day trial or purchase a single issue for only $1.99/£1.49!

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