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Latest issue of Swipe: embracing the Smart Home

We’ve just released a new issue of our sister app, Swipe – the iPhone Magazine. We’ve got a lot in store for you this issue!

It feels as though the concept of a “smart home” has been around more or less forever, but only recently has the idea matured beyond the realm of rich tech geeks. Thanks in part to Apple’s HomeKit, smart gadgets are more accessible than ever to normal folk – that’s why we’re diving into the future in our main feature, as we explore the best products to get started with home automation.

The reviews section this issue is home to a roundup of our favorite “room escape” games – logic puzzlers that will require all your ingenuity and imagination to solve.

Later on, we follow up on the eBay buyer’s guide from issue #125 with a detailed eBay seller’s guide, to walk you through best practices for getting the most out of your old junk.

Pair all that with our usual news, reviews, and how-tos – and you’ve got a packed issue on your hands.
I hope you enjoy it!

Inside this issue…

  • Dive into the future with Apple’s HomeKit
  • All the best room escape apps to test your wits and  ingenuity
  • Catch up on all the latest Apple news, rumors, and developments
  • Reviews of narrative adventure The Lion’s Song and sticker maker Sticky AI
  • We also look at updates to cheeky weather app Poncho and pro day planner Sorted
  • Beginner’s guide: tips and best practices for selling on eBay
  • How to get more from alarms in the iOS Clock app
  • Stop Facebook events from automatically showing up in your Calendar

Download the Swipe app today and start a 7-day trial or purchase a single issue for only $1.99/£1.99!

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