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Latest issue of Swipe: Fun Fitness Apps

We’ve just released a new issue of Swipe – the iPhone Magazine!

Now the weather’s starting to perk up a little more (depending where you are in the world,) we’ve decided it’s time to get out there and make the most of it. That’s why this issue we’re focusing on accessible fitness apps. Going full-throttle on a run around the park is beyond many of us, but there are plenty of fitness apps that cater to the average Joe. We also have another requisite for our fitness apps roundup – they have to be fun! Elsewhere, we take a look at the evolution of the emoji and its recent explosion in our feature section, before providing a guide to getting started with Apple’s brand new Clips app. All that, alongside your regular dose of Apple news, apps, and games reviews. Enjoy the issue!

Inside this issue…

  • The best fitness apps that won’t bore you senseless
  • A look at the evolution – and future – of emojis
  • Reviews of reading tracker Bookout and fun camera toy ooo
  • Our verdict on iPhone games CELL 13 and Footy Golf
  • All the latest news and rumors relating to Apple and iPhone
  • Getting started with Apple’s latest app, Clips
  • How to find out which apps will stop working in iOS 11

Download the Swipe app today and start a 7-day trial or purchase a single issue for only $1.99/£1.99!

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