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Latest issue of Swipe: Quality of Life Apps

We’ve just released a new issue of our sister app, Swipe – the iPhone Magazine!

Our cover story this issue looks at the apps which have the ability to improve your life on a daily basis with minimal time and effort.

From six-minute workouts to 15-minute meals, there are all kinds of things you can do in a short timespan with the help of an app. The ones we’ve picked cover a broad spectrum of activities and benefits, so we’re sure there will be something for everything in there.

Elsewhere, lead contributor Craig Grannell explains why Apple’s push for better user privacy is so very important. It’s one of the key differentiators that sets the company apart from its rivals in the tech world, and in this day and age it’s worth understanding as much as your can about digital privacy.

With just weeks left until the next generation of iPhones are revealed, we’re continuing the How-To theme of last issue by walking through some of the best new features of iOS 13.

Even if you’re not planning to buy the iPhone 11 (or iPhone Pro, or whatever name Apple settles on) at launch, it’s a pretty solid bet your existing device will be compatible with iOS 13. So get ahead of the game now as we explain the best additions.

All that and more in this issue of Swipe Magazine. Enjoy!

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