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Hello, readers! We’ve just released a new issue of our sister app, Swipe – the iPhone Magazine. We’ve got a lot for you to dig into this issue!

In Features, we’re looking to the myriad ways you can safeguard your data to ensure you don’t lose all your files if your iPhone is lost, stolen, or broken. It’s an important thing to sort out, considering many people keep things of sentimental value – like photo albums – exclusively on their iPhones. You don’t want to start from scratch if you have to get a new device!

The secondary feature this issue is a quick look at the very different ways Apple and Samsung target their TV ads.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of interesting apps over in the Reviews section, and our apps roundup this time looks at iOS games which reinvent classics like Chess and Solitaire. We talk to prolific game designer Zach Gage about the twists he comes up with to make an old style of game work on an iPhone.

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