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Editor’s Notes

Here we are at Swipe #230, the issue that will send you straight to the dentist. Get it? Tooth-hurty?

Ok, ok, maybe jokes aren’t our thing. Better stick to iPhone expertise. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’ve got for you in spades this issue.

We’re transitioning at the moment to two bigger app roundups per issue, and more features, sacrificing an individual review or two to get there. That means we’ve ended up covering dozens of apps this time around. Head to Reviews for a look at the best video camera apps out there and a list of our favorite app beginning with every single letter of the alphabet. What started as an arbitrary list soon became an absolute cavalcade of fantastic App Store essentials.

Elsewhere we’ve got a varied set of Features including tips for making the most of freemium apps, a look at what happens to your phone data when you die, and an appraisal of some of our iPhone predictions from five whole years ago.

Finally, Apple’s big September event is just a month or so away now – we don’t know the exact date yet – which means two things. One, you’ll start to see more iPhone 13 rumors appearing in the News section; and two, we’re ramping up our coverage of iOS 15 in the How-To section. Head over there for detailed rundowns of what’s about to change for FaceTime, Messages, Safari, and Notifications.

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