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Editor’s Notes

It’s an exciting time – if the rumors are to be believed, our next issue may just coincide with the pre-order date of the next iPhone, expected to be unveiled mid-September. So this issue we’ve been dreaming, penning a wish-list of all the features we hope will be present in iPhone 13, as well as the ones we expect to realistically be included.

We’re also taking a look at why Apple seems to be moving away from releasing all its new iOS features in one annual drop. Although the numbers continue to tick up each September, with iOS 15 coming imminently, many of its flagship features won’t be available at launch, instead being drip-fed through the year.

Over in the Reviews section we’ve got our eyes squarely on this issue’s cover feature, which recommends the very best apps available if you want to do some reading on your iPhone or iPad. Beyond the obvious choices like Amazon Kindle there are a wealth of ways to read all kinds of media on your device, whether you’re into epic fantasy novels, superhero comics, or classic literature.

The How-To section finishes off our guide to the upcoming iOS 15, in addition to four exciting tutorials on a wide range of topics. Check it out for details.

That’s all for now – see you next time for all the hot gossip on the iPhone 13 launch!

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