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Latest issue of Swipe: iPhone Gift Guide

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We’ve just published the latest issue of our sister app, Swipe Magazine. It’s full of the same kind of tips and features you’ll find here, packaged neatly into fortnightly issues. There are dozens of back issues available and you can trial it completely free if you want a new way to get to know your iPhone!

Editor’s Notes

With Black Friday upon us and Christmas less than a month away, now seems like the perfect time to think about presents. That’s why our main feature in this issue is a gift guide tailored specifically for Apple fans, looking at accessories and gadgets that best complement the iPhone. You won’t find any sponsored mentions or affiliate links here, just ten products we genuinely think are worth a look if you’re in the market for gifts.

Next, head over to the Reviews section for a very interesting roundup exploring live scanning apps that can understand the world around them by “reading” text and numbers. It’s a genre with a very futuristic feel and you’d be surprised at some of the creative ways developers have found to provide value and do something useful.

Beyond that, as usual, we have a diverse collection of app reviews and tutorials to peruse this issue. The How-To section in particular has a few sneaky tricks we bet you’ve never seen before…

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