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Latest issue of Swipe: Track Your Moods

We’ve just published the latest issue of our sister app, Swipe Magazine. It’s full of the same kind of tips and features you’ll find here, packaged neatly into fortnightly issues. There are dozens of back issues available and you can trial it completely free if you want a new way to get to know your iPhone!

Editor’s Notes

Plenty to talk about this issue as February dawns. Our cover story this time is mood trackers, an increasingly popular subgenre of apps to keep tabs on your emotions over time, thereby giving you quantifiable data to help figure out what factors most affect your happiness. Picking a decent mood tracker can be life-changing, but everyone has different needs – so we’ve rounded up the best of the best for every case imaginable.

Another theme in this issue is futuristic next-gen technology from Apple. We’ve got the latest rumors on the (supposedly) upcoming folding iPad and mixed reality headset, and we also dig into what an “iPhone Ultra” might look like, in the wake of reports that Apple will release one this September. Plenty to look forward to for gadget fans this year it seems.

Beyond that is our usual mix of news, reviews, features, and how-tos – my favorite articles in this issue are the Q&A with the creator of Pixelmator and the guide to playing Xbox games on an iPhone. Happy reading!

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