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Latest issue of Swipe: Editing Mastery

We’ve just published the latest issue of our sister app, Swipe Magazine. It’s full of the same kind of tips and features you’ll find here, packaged neatly into fortnightly issues. There are dozens of back issues available and you can trial it completely free if you want a new way to get to know your iPhone!

Editor’s Notes

iPhones and iPads are basically supercomputers, offering regular people access to creative possibilities that were once exclusive to trained professionals with fancy desktops. To my mind, nowhere is this change more apparent than in the world of image editing. Whether you’re looking to make subtle tweaks to a photo, remove entire objects, or create a surreal phographic collage, there’s an app for that. Plenty, in fact. That’s why the latest in our Toolkit series lists the very best apps, gadgets, and general advice for anyone looking to give into the world of image editing. Head to the Features section for more.

In reviews, we’ve got two roundups tangentially related to reading: one about the best apps for ‘stashing’ media you want to consume later; and another detailing the various methods of listening to audiobooks on an iPhone.

We’ve also got an opinion piece on the Apple Pencil, a guide to making a website with nothing but the Notes app, a look at how to make money by (anonymously) sharing your browsing data, a new entry in our Classics series, and all the latest on Apple’s plans for the year. Basically, plenty to enjoy. Hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we did writing it!

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