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Latest issue of Swipe: Learn an Instrument

We’ve just published the latest issue of our sister app, Swipe Magazine. It’s full of the same kind of tips and features you’ll find here, packaged neatly into fortnightly issues. There are dozens of back issues available and you can trial it completely free if you want a new way to get to know your iPhone!

Editor’s Notes

We’re starting a brand new series this issue, as lead writer Craig Grannell embarks on a quest to dive into a different app each month to see how it holds up to daily testing. Head to the Features section to read his first big experiment, in which he spends a month improving his musical skills with Yousician. It’s a fantastic diary-style read and gives a great overview of how to learn an instrument with your iPhone or iPad.

Elsewhere, we’ve filled this Reviews section with games, games, games. First is a roundup of the best Apple Arcade fare from the past year, followed by a roundup of “Tetris-alikes” that were inspired by the original block-dropping hit. We also review Super Meat Boy Forever, a huge console hit that finally came to iOS this month.

Of course, there’s plenty more to dig into if games aren’t your thing, including the latest Apple rumors and some really handy how-tos. Enjoy!

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