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Latest issue of Swipe: Making Memories

We’ve just published the latest issue of our sister app, Swipe Magazine. It’s full of the same kind of tips and features you’ll find here, packaged neatly into fortnightly issues. There are dozens of back issues available and you can trial it completely free if you want a new way to get to know your iPhone!

Editor’s Notes

The mid-September Swipe is always our favorite issue of the year, dropping just a few days after Apple’s biggest annual event. This year, iPhone 15 is finally here, bringing with it a ton of news and talking points. And it’s official: most of the rumors and leaks we’ve reported over the past month have been true! Plus a few things we didn’t expect.

Despite it being something of a ‘tock’ year, with fairly minimal upgrades, there’s still some mouth-watering stuff in the new devices, from the inclusion of Dynamic Island and USB-C for iPhone 15 to a customizable Action button and an incredible “seven-camera” system for iPhone 15 Pro.

But despite all that new stuff, our cover story this issue is “making memories,” as our latest Toolkit feature gives all the advice you might need to ensure your best days are well-remembered with photos and diaries galore.

We’ve also revisited one of my all-time favorite app roundups from a few years back, Replace Your Home Screen. This is one of our longest-ever articles, picking out the best third-party alternative to 24 built-in iOS apps. Of course, most people won’t want to replace everything Apple – why bother with an iPhone at all if that’s the case? – but some of the defaults just aren’t up to the quality other developers are putting out, and it’s worth considering which switches might work for you.

Elsewhere this issue we’re looking at the best home workout apps, management games, and some final tips on iOS 17 ahead of its public launch next week. Enjoy!

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