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Welcome to the archives – instant access to old Swipe issues

Hey there, Swipe subscribers!

We’ve been writing this magazine for a long time. Since 2012, in fact. Over that time we’ve published more than 200 issues!

Sadly, many of those issues aren’t compatible with the current build of our app. But if you’re hankering to read through some back issues, then good news: they’re all still available in easy-to-read PDF format, with the exact same page designs from the old app.

Below, you’ll find direct links to every issue from January 2019 onwards. That covers issue #164 right up to #196. Simply tap the issue you’re interested in to read it.

If you’d prefer to save the issue to your device for easy access, tap the Share button in the lower right followed by Open in Safari. When it’s loaded, press Safari’s Share button followed by Save to Files. Alternatively, you can even Print from this menu if you want to!


#196: Working From Home

#195: iPad Turns 10!

#194: Busting Apple Myths

#193: Business Time

#192: Best Photo Editors

#191: Transform Your iPhone

#190: It’s About Time

#189: Best of 2019


#188: Christmas on iOS

#187: Grab a Gamepad

#186: Beyond Apple News

#185: Ultimate Freebies

#184: Party Planning Apps

#183: Best of Apple Arcade

#182: Apple’s Special Event

#181: Music Apps for Non-Musicians

#180: Quality of Life Apps

#179: A Splash of Color

#178: Amazing Space Apps

#177: Editing Vacation Photos

#176: Make Awesome Collages

#175: The Big WWDC Recap

#174: Best Weather Apps

#173: iOS Wishlist

#172: Apps for Bright Ideas

#171: Future of the iPhone

#170: Four New Apple Services

#169: Make Money from Photos

#168: Demystify Your Documents

#167: Unlocking Tapped Creativity

#166: Creative Camera Filters

#165: One-Thumb Games

#164: Home Screen Hacks


Looking for something even older? The world of tech moves very quickly, and anything earlier than the issues linked above may be limited in its usefulness. Times change fast, and apps change even faster, so much of the information in our older issues will be out of date by now.

However, if you’re looking for a particular issue or article from the archives, you can drop me a direct email and I’ll do my best to track it down for you.

If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re a long-time Swipe reader. Thanks for your support over the years, and happy reading!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor