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Editor’s Notes

As you’ve seen from our cover art, this issue we’re celebrating the great outdoors. Summer is in full swing and many parts of the world are easing restrictions as we navigate the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we’re taking the opportunity to look at a range of apps for making the most of the sun with friends. Find that – along with some absolutely cracking apps – in our Reviews section.

Head to Features and you’ll find a guide to getting the most from streaming TV. Cable cutters used to enjoy much simpler navigation at the expense of less choice, but these days there are so many competing services that cable is starting to look appealing again. With the help of these tips you’ll be able to power up your viewing and make the most of the surfeit of media on offer. We’re also diving into the true power of iOS 15’s exciting new Live Text capabilities in our second feature.

Elsewhere, as usual there’s a recap of all the big News of the past fortnight as well as five great tutorials over in the How-To section. Enjoy!

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