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Welcome to #207 – a note from the editor

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Swipe 3.0 is here! After 8 years and 200+ issues, we’ve redesigned the app from the ground up for a better reading experience. That includes a modern overhaul of the user interface, with an all-new News feed to ensure you won’t miss out on breaking stories between our fortnightly issues. We’ve added annual subscriptions (16% cheaper than monthly) and made our entire back catalog accessible in PDF format. Plus a whole load of boring technical updates behind the scenes so the app runs smoother than ever. We hope you like it!


Hello readers, and welcome back to our first issue published exclusively to the new version of the Swipe app! I really hope you’re enjoying the new look and feel of the mag so far.

Anyway, as for this issue – what’s in store? Firstly, you’ll want to check out the News section for plenty of iPhone 12 chatter ahead of Apple’s upcoming launch event.

We know times have been tough for a lot of people this year, and you may not have had too much to shout about in 2020. So our lead Reviews roundup this issue picks out apps to help you rediscover great times from the past, from creating video montages of holidays or keeping a journal of past adventures. There’s even an app to help you condense the year into brief, memorable snippets that you’ll cherish for years to come.

As usual, we’ve also got four full app reviews accompanying the roundup, and a quick look at some new and notable additions to the App Store.

Head to Features, and you’ll find a couple of articles inspired by Apple’s ongoing legal battle with Epic Games. The Fortnite publisher has come out swinging, accusing Apple of unfair App Store policies, all while consistently misbehaving themselves. Both claim to be standing up for the everyman, but does either company really have its users’ best interests at heart? The billion-dollar spat is explained in our first feature and is the seed of our second, which looks at what might happen if Apple ever decided to allow rival app stores onto iOS.

Finally, we’re continuing our deep dive into new features of iOS 14 in the How-To section. With its public release right around the corner, check out our guides for an idea of what’s in store!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor