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Welcome to #209 – a note from the editor

Last issue, we discussed all the new stuff Apple announced at its September event. Next issue, we’ll be focused on the upcoming October event and the iPhone 12. But right now, we’re obsessed with widgets.

Widgets have long been useful, but they were limited in scope and tucked away in the Today View. With iOS 14, apps can now provide all manner of customizable widgets to sit directly on your Home Screen.

But this new capability can be a touch overwhelming, which is why we’ve dedicated our Reviews roundup to searching out the very best app widgets out there. With 21 to choose from – including slick weather charts, to-do lists, photo frames, and much more – I’m sure you’ll be inspired to rethink your Home Screen.

We’ve got a bunch of customization tips in the How-To section this issue, too, so make sure you check that out before settling on a complete iOS redesign.

Elsewhere, you’ll find musings on the Apple Watch in the Features section. First we detail the key differences between the three different models that now comprise Apple’s lineup. Then our secondary feature looks at the pros and cons of allowing kids into the Apple ecosystem, and whether the Apple Watch SE is a suitable item for a 6-year-old.

All that, plus our usual app reviews and Apple news within. Enjoy!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor