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Welcome to #214 – a note from the editor

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Welcome to the final Swipe of the year! Are you excited for the holidays?

Before we take our customary week off over Christmas, we’ve got an absolute bumper issue for you to dig into.

The big draw is an updated version of our yearly festive roundup, covering the best apps to have at your disposal to cover all manner of Christmas-related business. Whether you need tips for the turkey or a way to keep the kids quiet while you cook it, we’ve got you covered. 36 apps in total make up the biggest roundup we’ve ever published. Dig in!

We’ve also got two different gift guides for those among us who have still to finish their Christmas shopping. First is a set of techy gifts that pair well with an iPhone or iPad, and secondly is a set of digital gift and subscription ideas you could literally fire off at ten to midnight on Xmas Eve if you run out of time to source a physical gift.

As if that weren’t enough holiday cheer, we’ve also got a guide to show you how to get your very own custom video message from Santa for your nearest and dearest. Apparently, the big man knows how to work an iPhone these days. Who knew?

All that’s just half the issue though. There’s plenty of non-Christmas content too! News, Reviews, How-Tos, and a mini Feature that asks just how safe Apple’s MagSafe really is…

Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you next year!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor