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Welcome to #218 – a note from the editor

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Hello again, Swipe readers!

WhatsApp has been in the news over the past month, with millions of users ditching the service amidst concerns over its latest privacy policy. But with a lot of misinformation and mistrust flying around, we thought we’d take the time to look a little closer at the messaging scene and what exactly differentiates five of the most popular chat apps. Whether you favor privacy, convenience, community, anonymity, or a combination of the lot, we can help you decide which app(s) to keep on your Home screen.

That roundup is joined in the Reviews section by our usual range of app reviews, including a way to “hack” through books and documentaries in just five minutes and a futuristic utility that can read and play sheet music just by scanning it with the camera.

Both our News and Features sections include references to the long-awaited Apple Car, inspired the recent influx of rumors linking the tech giants with various car manufacturers. What exactly is Apple planning – and is there any chance we’ll see it by 2025?

Our secondary Feature this issues looks at the reasons 2021 is the year Touch ID should make a triumphant comeback to the iPhone. Reason number one is obvious – the prevalence of masks make Face ID a lot less useful than it was pre-COVID. But would Apple ever return to forgotten tech, and how could it be implemented?

Finally, we’ve got a suite of handy tutorials for you in the How-To section, covering a range of topics from finding free ebooks to turning photos into art.

That’s all for this issue. Hope you enjoy it, and we’ll see you next time!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor