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Welcome to #224 – a note from the editor

Hello and welcome to Swipe magazine!

The humble iPhone provides an absolute ocean of potential distractions, and the popular narrative often focuses on technology’s to drag you into lengthy time-wasting sessions. Now we’re not saying that cutting down your overall screen time is a bad thing, but this issue’s Feature takes a look at the flip side of the argument – the many ways that iOS apps can help you get more organized and thus stop wasting so much time. Dive in for a series of tips on how best to make the most of your limited hours each day.

Elsewhere in the issue, we have two gaming roundups in the Reviews section focused on old-school forms of entertainment. The first examines classic game series – Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, etc – to see how well (or badly) they’re faring on mobile these days. Secondly, we’re picking out some of the best board games that made the successful jump to the digital world.

Beyond that, we’ve got an absolute ton to dig into in the News section, with plenty of Apple rumors and facts alike surfacing recently. Add to that a look at some of the recently added iOS features in the How-To section and our thoughts on Apple’s changes to the Podcasts app in Features and you’ve got yourself an issue.

Enjoy the read and see you in a fortnight!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor