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Welcome to #227 – a note from the editor

Welcome back to the latest issue of Swipe magazine!

This is something of a breather issue after the madcap recap last time after a whirlwind WWDC. If you’re still not up to date on what’s coming with iOS 15 then be sure to skip back and read the previous issue.

But for now, we’ve set our sights on something completely different. This time we’re diving into the world of augmented reality (AR), something Apple has been working on for some time but which is still struggling to break into the mainstream. Since ARKit has been around a few years now, and the latest Apple kit includes LiDAR scanners to make the tech even more accurate, we’ve revisited two key areas of AR that were a little wobbly at launch: gaming and measurements. AR games are getting seriously mind-blowing at this point, and virtual measurements are surprisingly accurate – meaning you can use them to make all kinds of plans with nothing but an iPhone to hand. Check out our main Reviews and Features articles for a little taste of the future.

Meanwhile, we of course have a bunch of great tutorials and explainers for you over in the How-To section, a recap on all things Apple in News, and a secondary feature that looks at how Apple is trying to help you use your devices more mindfully (and less negatively).

Enjoy, and we’ll see you next time!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor