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Welcome to #229 – a note from the editor

Welcome to issue 229 of Swipe magazine. Here’s what’s in store for you this time.

Last month, Apple unveiled iCloud+ as part of its iOS 15 plans. Anyone paying for extra iCloud storage will be automatically switched to this new service, and new users can grab it for as little as $1/£1. We think it’s gonna be big, so our main Feature this issue digs into what exactly iCloud+ is, and why you should care. (Hint: extra storage, safer web browsing, anonymized email, and home security.)

We’re also looking at the three best keyboard accessories to turn your iPad into a makeshift laptop, and the best scanning apps to help digitize your paper files and fill out forms directly from your iPhone. Head to Reviews for that one, along with a look at several other new apps including one of the best Camera alternatives we’ve ever tested.

Elsewhere, as usual, there’s a recap of all the big News of the past fortnight as well as some great tutorials over in the How-To section. Enjoy!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor