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Welcome to #241 – a note from the editor

Happy New Year, Swipe readers!

We’re kicking off 2022 with a big feature that looks at, well… 2022! Specifically, what you can expect Apple to release this coming year (and what we probably won’t see, despite the rumors).

For anyone lucky enough to get a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas, we’ve got some handy tips for you too. Make sure you read our reselling guide in the How-To section before parting with your old device, or maybe consider keeping it around using one of the ideas in our ‘reuse and repurpose’ feature.

As for this issue’s cover article, that’ll be the big guide to kitchen helpers found in the Reviews section. We’re going beyond basic recipe apps here and looking at a series of essential apps to have on hand to level up your cooking game. Food for thought!

You’ll also find some smart home guides in the How-To section on things we’ve never covered before, like making your own NFC tags and connecting Ikea gadgets up to HomeKit. Enjoy!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor