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Welcome to #242 – a note from the editor

Welcome back to the latest issue of Swipe magazine.

Along with the rest of the world, we’ve been riding the Wordle bandwagon this past fortnight. If you somehow missed the word game sensation, our big Reviews roundup this week takes inspiration from the deceptively simply letters-and-logic puzzle. We’ll explain how to install Wordle to your device (it’s not on the App Store) and list a further 18 word games you might like if you’re getting bored of the viral word hit already.

Beyond that, we’ve got an update of 2020’s “stuck at home” roundup for those who still find themselves going out less often thanks to the lasting effects of the pandemic. Plus a couple of reviews, including a photo editing app that we think is good enough to immediately replace whatever else you’re using.

Head to the Features section and you’ll find a think piece on the Apple Pencil, in addition to a brand new retrospective series we’re launching this year that looks back on some of the most notable apps and games from the iPhone’s early days.

Of course, as ever there are News and How-To sections to delve into as well, highlights including – respectively – details of the latest iOS release, and a great way to combat spam callers.

Happy reading and see you in February!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor