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Welcome to #243 – a note from the editor

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Hello again Swipe readers!

We’ve got three big features for you this issue, and choosing just one for our cover imagery was no easy task!

First up in the Features section, you’ll find our waterproofing deep dive – which iPhones can survive a dunk, what should you do if you drop one down the toilet, and does Apple’s warranty match up to its advertising claims?

Next is our first in a new series. We’ll be releasing a new “Toolkit” every other issue throughout 2022, picking an activity and laying out the apps, hardware, and knowledge you need to get started with it. First up is music-making, a historically expensive pastime that has gotten easier and easier to get into ever since the iPad changed the game in 2010.

Head to the Reviews sections and you’ll find the 2022 re-write of one of our most popular annual roundups: ultimate freebies! This is where we highlight some of the best premium-quality apps that genuinely give you something for nothing. It’s a treasure trove of riches for zero outlay.

Beyond all that we of course have our regular selection of app reviews, tutorials in the How-To section, and Apple-related stories from the past fortnight in News. Dig in!

Tom Rolfe
Swipe Editor