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Welcome to #250 – a note from the editor

Two hundred and fifty issues!

We’ve been making Swipe magazine for almost a decade now, so first of all a big thank you to everyone reading this.

This one’s a corker, with some big features and brilliant reviews to sink your teeth into. We have two different articles laying out your options for word processing on iPhone and iPad, and a look at two classic apps from the early days of the App Store.

Elsewhere, we list everything we want from iOS 16 later this year and lament the death of the iPod with suggestions for what you should buy instead.

Plus a guide to avoiding “doom scrolling” through social media, how to take amazing long exposure photos, a low-friction way to get things done, and a new word game from the legendary Zach Gage.

Enjoy your read and see you next time!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor