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Welcome to #254 – a note from the editor

Hi there Swipe readers!

This issue we’re revisiting the very best apps you can get for Apple Watch, and we found so many we’ve written two full roundups about it in the Reviews section! Rest assured nearly every pick is great on iPhone too, so you should check it out even if you don’t own Apple’s handy wearable.

What else? Well, personality goes a long way – but despite the cool new Lock Screens in iOS 16, Apple has only gentle loosened its stranglehold on iPhone personalization. That’s the topic of our main Feature, alongside two more entries in our monthly ‘classics’ series.

Speaking of iOS 16, the public beta is now available for you all to try! Check the News section for more details and the How-To section for a bumper collection of tips specific to Apple’s latest software.

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor