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Welcome to #256 – a note from the editor

Hello again Swipe readers!

We’re now just a month away from Apple’s expected reveal of the iPhone 14, and we’re continuing to ramp up our explainers for every big change coming in iOS 16. Check the How-To section to see exactly how some of the more confusing announcements like Passkeys and Shared Photo Libraries actually work.

Meanwhile, you’ll have seen from our cover art that we’re digging deep into mind mapping apps this issue. Head to the Reviews section for a roundup of all the best iPhone and iPad apps that help you get complicated ideas out of your brain and into a coherent format. Some of these apps are invaluable for planning projects and brainstorming ideas.

In the Features section, you’ll find a continuation of our monthly ‘Classics’ series, plus our opinions on the good and bad of Apple’s attempts to bring people together with iOS 16.

Of course, there’s your usual Apple news and iPhone rumors in the News section too.

Happy reading and see you next time!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor