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Welcome to #263 – a note from the editor

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Welcome back to the latest Swipe magazine. This issue, we’re interested in Apple’s recent decision-making. Is the company moving in a clear direction or is its approach a little too scattergun and directionless? Head to the Features section for some expert analysis therein. We’ve also got an opinion piece that argues Apple should consider adding more buttons to its products, not fewer. Apple Watch Ultra is one example of just that, and it works.

We also have more roundups than usual in the Reviews section this week, including a deep dive into the best free “media discovery” apps that can help you find new music, movies, books, podcasts and more. We live in a world where iPhone users have easy access to more media than they could consume in a lifetime, and apps like these really help with the burden of choice – and can uncover hidden gems along the way, too.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Swipe without our regular set of Reviews, News, and How-tos. Researching the Mobile Mouse tutorial in particular was a highlight for me this week, a rare chance to test something I didn’t even realize was possible with an iPhone.

Enjoy the read and see you next time!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor