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Welcome to #266 – a note from the editor

Happy New Year, readers!

We’re ushering in 2023 by looking back at the best apps and games of 2022. Our app awards focus on the greatest releases that missed out on a nod from Apple’s various awards, and to be honest, I think our selections are just as deserving of a turn in the spotlight.

When you’re finished looking back on last year, head to Features to look ahead to what we’d like to see from Apple in 2023. With plenty of new devices on the horizon and some new legislation to react to, we highlight what’s important for Apple this year and what kind of changes consumers should be hoping for.

This issue also features some new additions to our ‘Classics’ series, and a revisit from an old roundup to help you handle New Year’s Resolutions. All that plus the latest news and rumors, and some handy guides in the How-To section. Enjoy!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor