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Welcome to #267 – a note from the editor

Welcome back, Swipe readers.

We’ve got a stacked issue for you this time around. First up is the latest in our Toolkit series, which should help anyone looking to exercise more find the best ways an iPhone can help them plan and track their fitness journey.

We also have a pair of ‘alternatives’ pieces for you in the wake of some big news in the tech world. First, a look at alternative weather apps for fans of the popular Dark Sky, which was taken offline recently. Second, we examine the alternative apps that could replace Twitter, for those unhappy with the company’s controversial decision-making of late.

Add to that a selection of great education apps, puzzle games, and how-to articles, and you’ve got yourself a lot to read this week. Oh, and Apple just announced three new products out of the blue, so be sure to check the News section if you’re out of the loop.

See you next time!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor