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Welcome to #270 – a note from the editor

Hi there readers!

The global economy isn’t exactly booming right now, and many people are feeling the pinch as inflation rises. We might not be able to fix huge international issues, but we can certainly show you how the right apps can help you make sense of the money you do have, however much it may be. There’s a whole world of money and budgeting apps designed to track spending and keep you in the black – head to the Reviews section for more.

Our twin Features this issue dig into some of Apple’s own services. First, we examine the recent changes to and how you can make the most of them. Next, we compare Apple’s services bundle with third-party alternatives to see which comes out on top.

I’m also excited about some of the How-Tos we have for you this time, with two futuristic pieces in particular proving quite fun to test. Our CAPTUR3 guide shows you how to scan 3D objects into your iPhone, while our ‘Super Siri’ guide shows how you can effectively power up Siri by linking it to OpenAI’s ChatGPT intelligence.


Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor