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Welcome to #275 – a note from the editor

Hey there readers!

Our cover story this week revisits something we last looked at more than three years ago: camera filters. This roundup goes far beyond the basic edits you’ll find in Instagram or the Photos app, showing you all the best weird and wonderful ways to change up your snaps in iOS.

We’ve also got a real godsend for parents of young children in the form of our latest Toolkit, which advises on the best way to set up an iPhone or iPad for a kid to use. There’s a lot to consider, from settings and apps to the device itself, and we’ve covered the lot.

You’ll also find a few articles this issue that feel kinda futuristic. From a how-to that teaches you how to play vinyl records simply by tapping them with your iPhone, to an opinion piece about how AR could change the future of museums, to a guide to life beyond Twitter.

All that plus several fantastic game reviews and the latest Apple news. Enjoy!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor