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Welcome to #276 – a note from the editor

Welcome back to the latest issue of Swipe magazine!

Apple has unveiled a whole bunch of stuff in the past weeks, from iOS updates to AI-powered accessibility features to new pro-level apps for iPad. Get the lowdown on all of that and more in the News section.

We’re excited to get a first glimpse of iOS 17 next month, and the Features section has a good preview of everything we can expect from WWDC23. But our cover story looks even further to the future at how Apple could keep up with the rampant progress being made in the A.I. space at the moment. Does Siri stand any chance of keeping pace?

Head to Reviews and you’ll find a roundup of the best apps to help you with a home makeover, a Q&A with the makers of an all-time classic app (Things), and several great app and game reviews. As ever, we’ve got a few neat tricks to discover in the How-To section as well.

Our next issue drops right as Apple’s upcoming WWDC23 comes to a close, so you can bet we’ll have all kinds of recaps and hot takes for you to devour – especially if the rumors of a mixed-reality headset are true. See you then!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor