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Welcome to #288 – a note from the editor

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Our cover story this week is all about using your iPhone to stay informed. That means moving away from consuming all your news from the Facebook algorithm or a single newspaper. Our tips and recommendations can help you cut through the noise, keeping you in the loop with your favorite sources while exposing you to new ones.

Head to the Reviews section, and you’ll find we’ve gone gung-ho on the gaming front this issue. We’re digging into the impressive Resident Evil: Village, a technical marvel on iPhone, alongside atmospheric puzzler Unloop, the latest from the creator of an all-time favorite iOS game in Linelight. We also revisit a classic mobile game, Forget-Me-Not, and list some of the best games to try out if you have access to a wireless games controller.

Not a big gamer? No bother! We’ve also got a hands-on review of the latest Apple Watch after a full month of testing, and a roundup of the most useful widgets to place into the new StandBy mode on iPhone. Plus a preview of Apple’s new Journal app, coming soon, and a clever emergency Shortcut that could get you out of trouble one day.

All that and more in this issue – dive in!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor