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Welcome to #296 – a note from the editor

Hey there readers! We’ve got a great issue for you.

Our cover this time is “Eliminate Distractions,” and in a bumper-length how-to guide we cover the most effective way of doing just that: by turning your iPhone from a smartphone to a “dumbphone.” It’s a drastic measure, but if you’re a natural procrastinator, it can be indescribably helpful. On that same theme, check out our review for Arc Search, a new web browser for iOS that trims the fat and presents a streamlined search experience to get to what you really need much quicker.

Elsewhere this issue, we cover several other Apple gadgets: the best apps for Apple TV; how to choose the right Apple Watch model; and why the limitations of Apple Vision Pro may come to define it. We’ve also got plenty of other reviews, guides, and news stories to dig into, covering everything from quantum messaging to why you shouldn’t put your iPhone in a bag of rice.

Happy reading!

Tom Rolfe

Swipe Editor