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1 Second Everyday: how to make ‘instamash’ video memories

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1 Second Everyday is one of our favorite iOS apps. It encourages you to record a tiny snippet of video every single day, which can then be combined into a fast-paced mini-movie showcasing your entire week, month, or year in just a few moments. You can even use it to make videos for past memories using existing clips.

It’s an amazing way to document a vacation, the first months of a child’s life, or simply your regular everyday activities.

One of the newer, lesser known features of the app is called InstaMash and offers a different take on these slideshows. Instead of manually recording videos and taking pictures each day, InstaMash compiles a short video showcasing every single one of your Instagram posts in chronological order.

It’s an awesome way to quickly revisit old posts and the resulting video is a real nostalgia trip. Plus, it takes almost no effort to make! Here’s how to do it.

First, you’ll need to get the app. It costs $5/£5, but in our experience the memories it creates can be priceless and we think it’s well worth the entry fee.

Get 1 Second Everyday

Open 1 Second Everyday and press the + button to start a new project. Don’t worry about adding any clips – it’ll all be handled automatically in the next step.

Press the big play button in the button right corner, and then choose the InstaMash tab at the top. Note you can switch the Forward button to Backward if you want the video to start with your newest posts first. Hit Continue and sign into your Instagram account when prompted.

The app will then spend a few minutes combing through your entire Instagram history, compiling an automated video slideshow that shows each post for a single second. Pretty cool!

When it’s ready, the video will autoplay in its entirety. If you’re happy with it, press Save in the top right and it’ll be saved to the Camera Roll in Photos. You can then press Share if you want to immediately show it off it via Messages, Mail, or social media.