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App Store hidden gems – 5 apps you should know

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Apple’s App Store is full of small-time “hidden gems” – apps you probably won’t know, but definitely should. These apps might serve a need you never knew you had, or complement an existing workflow perfectly. So, here are five apps you should know about that you may never have even heard of.

Signal [free]

Signal is a super-secure communication app that puts privacy at the front and center. It offers robust end-to-end encryption for voice calls, video, and instant messaging. Your messages can auto-disappear after sending (while supporting GIFs, audio, video, or any file type), and everything in the app is encrypted by the service’s open source Signal Protocol™. In a world where digital privacy often feels compromised, Signal offers a dose of reassurance.



Cheatsheet Notes [free]

Cheatsheet Notes is a perfect app for storing the little pieces of information you never remember – like license plates, passcodes, and ID numbers. You store and save information in the app, which can in turn be quickly read from an iOS (or iPadOS) widget, or from within an Apple Watch complication on your wrist.

Cheatsheet Notes.


RunPee [free]

RunPee is a work of genius. The app informs movie-goers of the best point in a movie to visit the bathroom – it notifies you 30-seconds beforehand and provides a synopsis of the scene you’ll miss while answering nature’s call. RunPee purposefully chooses scenes with little action or character development, meaning you won’t miss out on much while running to take a pee during a screening that can’t be paused!



Dice by PCalc [$2/£2]

Dice by PCalc does exactly what it says on the tin, offering users a virtual dice you can roll at your next tabletop boardgames meet-up, or when your kids lose half the pieces from their Monopoly set. The app supports all the dice you’ll ever need – and even allows users to roll dice in AR using their device’s LiDAR scanner!

Dice by PCalc.

Dice by PCalc

Portal [free]

Portal is like a while noise app for your eyes. While it offers relaxing soundscapes to listen to, it accompanies these with beautiful high-definition videos of the most tranquil parts of our planet. It’s a stunning, mindful app that you really can lose yourself in.