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Adjusting AutoFill: deciding what Safari knows about you

AutoFill is the iOS feature used by Safari to make it easier to fill out forms. If you’ve ever gone to type in your username, address, or payment details on a website and found your device automatically filling the boxes with your info, that’s AutoFill at work.

It’s a really useful feature when it’s working properly, but if not configured correctly it can end up entering the wrong details or not helping you at all. Many users aren’t aware where this information comes from or how to change it, so here’s how to take control of what AutoFill knows about you and make it as helpful as possible.

Open the Settings app and tap Safari, then AutoFill. You’ll see a few options you can toggle on and off – use these to allow or deny AutoFill access to your contact info, usernames and passwords, and credit card details.

If you’re concerned about the security implications of AutoFill, be selective about which details you allow it access to.

Assuming Use Contact Info is toggled on, you’ll want to ensure the name below is correct – that is, your name. Tap My Info if it’s not and you can choose the correct entry from a list of your contacts.

If you find AutoFill often gets your email address or contact details wrong when filling out forms, you’ll need to update this information. Exit Settings and open the Contacts app, or the Contacts tab of the Phone app.

Find yourself in the list of contacts – if there are multiple entries against your name, look for the one that says “me” next to it. Press it and hit Edit in the top corner. You can now make any necessary adjustments – ensure your email address, phone number and address details are correct and hit Done to save your changes.

Safari will now be perfectly honed to help you fill out forms quickly and accurately, to the exact extent that you want it to.